Here at Feed Your Farm, we are able to work with each individual farmer to offer a customized service package for their specific situation. There are a few questions our design team will ask when designing a system that is right for your farm, including:

How many animals are you looking to feed?

When we were initially developing our system, we decided it was important to design a system that was scalable. We are able to provide a cost-effective sprouting system for any size farm, and we are able to offer larger farms an opportunity to start small and expand their fodder production capabilities over time. We can build you a system that produces as little as 5 pounds per day, or a system capable of producing 20,000 pounds a day. Whatever your feed requirements may be, our system is capable of supplying your demand.

What type(s) of animals are you feeding?

Our group has worked mainly in the dairy industry, and have learned that feeding 15-20 pounds of sprouted barley seed per animal per day is most beneficial for a dairy cow. We have also learned quite a bit about the benefits of freshly sprouted fodder from different types of seeds for a variety of farm animals, including horses, goats, sheep, pigs and chickens, and the different feeds and feed rations that would be most beneficial for these particular animals. We have experience successfully sprouting barley in our system, and continue to experiment with different varieties of seeds.

In what region of the country does your farm exist?

Successfully sprouting seeds year round requires growing indoors in a controlled environment, and different regions of the country are going to have drastically different environments that need to be controlled. Initial investment costs, as well as operating costs for our system, will depend a bit on the year-round weather conditions of your particular region. For example, regions that experience extreme levels of heat in the summer will have to initially invest more in equipment to cool their sprouting room, as well as spend more on power throughout the hot season to operate that additional equipment. No matter your environment, we have the expertise and know-how to design and build you a structure in which to house the Feed Your Farm sprouting system.

Are you/we building a new structure to house the sprouting system, or are you/we retrofitting an existing structure?

Some people are choosing to build an entire new structure on their farm to house their sprouting system. Others are converting available barn space by framing in a closed room. We can help you design either space you decide to build, and we can even build it for you. Whatever the case, we recommend building a well-insulated air-tight room. The goal is to be able to create positive or negative pressure on the room as needed, and to spend as little energy as possible heating, cooling, or dehumidifying the room.

Is there power and water available to your site?

Our system requires a reliable power and water source. Our system uses very little of either, but the supply of both must be dependable.