Feed Your Farm is dedicated to helping farmers throughout the United States improve their bottom line and drought-tolerance by offering a scaleable indoor hydroponic fodder sprouting system. The Feed Your Farm system allows farmers and hobbyists alike to grow fresh and highly nutritious feed for their cattle year-round, regardless of their outside growing environment. Our company is comprised of a unique blend of generational organic dairy farmers and a hydroponic system designer/operator who worked together on a 250-head organic dairy farm to create a user-friendly fodder system that any farmer can afford. We are proudly 100% made in the USA.

Half of our team has worked in the dairy farm business, so we truly understood the farmer’s perspective when we designed our system. The other half of our team has designed, built and maintained controlled-environment hydroponic systems for over a decade.

As people, corporations, and governments all around the world struggle to figure out how farmers can more efficiently feed our planet, we are focused on building systems that help you farmers FEED YOUR FARM!

Meet Our Team

Charles Dykstra

System Design
Matthew Sampson

Customer Service
Michael Woolworth