Benefits For Farmers

Our system, which requires very little labor to operate, allows farm owners to have more control over their feed supply by providing them the opportunity to grow fresh, highly nutritious feed 365 days a year.  As feed costs continue to climb, especially organic feed costs, our system can help farmers significantly reduce costly organic grains from their ration. Best of all, we are proudly 100% American owned, designed, and manufactured.


Farmer Benefits

  • Farmers can produce their own livestock feed directly on their farm, 365 days a year.
  • Grain costs, especially organic grain costs, continue to rise. Our system can help reduce your farm’s dependence on grain in your feed ration.
  • The weather is always changing from season to season and region to region. By growing your feed in a controlled indoor environment, your bottom line will depend less and less on the weather and external environmental factors.
  • We designed a fodder system that requires minimal power, water and labor to operate.