Benefits For The Environment


Our system requires very little power to operate, as evidenced by the many members of our country’s Amish communities who are successfully using our system.  Even more, we are proud to offer a feed option for farmers that uses significantly less water than feed produced seasonally in the fields.  The amount of feed that can be produced in a 200 acre field can be produced in a 2,000 square foot fodder room.

Environmental Benefits

  • Water Usage: We have designed our system such that the water we use to irrigate the fodder can be captured and used for other purposes on the farm.
  • Fertilizer Free: Sprouted seeds are naturally packed with nutrients, reaching peak nutrient level on day 6 of their sprouting process without the use of any fertilizers.
  • Pesticide Free: With indoor, controlled-environment agriculture, and such a rapid growth rate of the feed we are growing, we can dependably prevent pests and diseases, eliminating the need for pesticides.
  • This is a 100% organic product.