Benefits For Livestock


Livestock Benefits

Our system allows livestock owners to provide their animals with a stable, consistent ration that is fresh, nutritious, and loaded with beneficial enzymes.

  • Studies have proved that feeding freshly sprouted barley to dairy cows increases milk production and improves milk quality.
  • This high quality feed is loaded with vitamins that could help eliminate the use of synthetic vitamin packs.
  • Farms have seen an increased fertility rate among the animals that were fed hydroponically grown fodder.
  • Having a constant high-grade feed source provides stability in a farm’s feed ration. The amount of proteins, vitamins, energy do not vary as they do with hay, especially if you are sourcing your hay from multiple producers or regions.
  • Having a consistent feed reduces stress on livestock, especially a feed that is packed with enzymes that aid in digestion. Studies have shown, for example, significantly less heat stress in cows fed fresh fodder. It seems the cows are not spending as much energy digesting their feed, and are thus able to maintain a cooler core body temperature during extremely hot weather.
  • The feed is clean, as there is absolutely no dirt, fertilizer, or pesticides used in the cultivation process.