Hobby Farm Systems


Feed Your Farm has created affordable system options for those with smaller farms who might be looking to produce 10 to 200 pounds of feed per day. If you have a few chickens, a pig or two, a cow, a horse, and/or a few goats and you are looking to provide each of your animals with a more consistent, healthy, and fresh food source, our Hobby Farm Systems are your answer.

Feed Your Farm Hobby Farm Systems range in price from $500 to $5,000. A basic system that produces 10 pounds per day will cost $500. A complete system that produces 200 pounds per day will cost $5,000. Our basic DIY system includes just the sprouting unit itself. The complete system includes the sprouting unit, lighting and environmental control equipment, plus a full ration consultation for your farm.

Contact Us today so we can discuss the right size system for your farm! We are happy to provide you with a custom quote for your specific situation over the phone or via email.

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Pricing subject to change. Shipping and applicable taxes are not included in the price. We have an East Coast team in Pennsylvania and a West Coast team in Washington State, which allows us to provide our customers with a higher level of service, quicker lead times and more reasonable shipping costs. No matter your budget, the level of service you require, the region of the country your farm exists, Feed Your Farm is here to help farmers be successful in growing nutritious hydroponic fodder.
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